The Making of The Game's "The Documentary"

“Don’t Worry” f/ Mary J. Blige

Produced by: Dr. Dre, Mike Elizondo

The Game: “It was supposed to be Brandy on it originally, but Jimmy Iovine was like, ‘I don’t want my gangster rapper on a song with Moesha. Doesn’t make sense.’ So we put Mary on it and she killed it. I just changed a couple lines so they would suit Mary. That shit just took like a half hour or something. I just damn near freestyled that shit. But I mean the verse was only like eight bars. The verse wasn’t even long.”

Mike Lynn (A&R for Aftermath): “That was Game being more comfortable working with Dre and allowing his own personality to come out on record. Whenever somebody works with Dre they want to do some N.W.A. shit. What they don’t realize is he just wants to hear the best thing that’s in you, he doesn’t care about the direction as long as it’s hot. But as soon as you tell somebody, ‘Play me something for Dre,’ automatically they want to talk street shit instead of just coming out with the best record. “Don’t Worry” is when Game started to open up and was giving us more of who he is. Not just giving us the street, but a little bit more across the board, not being one dimensional.”

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