Happy Valentine's Day! We know today is the kind of day where you might want to get down with your lady and bump a hip-hop love song like Method and Mary’s "All I Need"...but fuck it! We don't have anything against relationships, but sometimes a fella just needs some time away from his girl, some time to himself....and some time in the arms of many, many other women. Sorry, ladies, but the bachelor mentality is present in just about every rap song. In fact, the whole point of being a famous rapper is to bang an endless number of broads with no remorse, regret, or unwanted pregnancies. Last year, we counted down The 25 Greatest Hip-Hop Love Songs for all the suckas for love dudes who know the value of a good woman, so this year we figured we’d flip the script and count down Complex's 25 Favorite Hip-Hop Bachelor Anthems for all the misogynists pimps and the players. Like Snoop said in ‘93, G’z up and—man, you know the rest.