Q, the CEO of WorldStarHipHop, had the worst day ever yesterday thanks to 50 Cent. His site WSHH went down, 50 claimed responsibility on Twitter before denying it on Hot 97, and he had to call up Hot 97 himself to stop the bleeding. And then things got really bad. After both of them had spoken separately on Hot 97, 50 brought the camera out as he spoke to Q directly and gave him a vicious verbal lashing which included classic 50 taunts like, "Don't 'Wassup' me you sucka! I should black ya eye!" Holy shit! Make way for the badguy! But we weren't the least bit surprised since 50's phone calls are as legendary as his adlibs at the end of songs. The question remains though, What Was 50 Cent's Greatest Phone Call? To find out, we put together 50's four most epic instances of telecommunication and decided to let the fans vote.

Adversary: Cam'ron
When: February 2007
What happened? 50 called Koch the graveyard on Hot 97, so Cam called up to respond. A friendly disagreement quickly dissolved into a shouting match. Who knew calling someone by their government name could be so disrespectful?
Best line: "CURRRRTISSSSSSS!!!" - Cam'ron

Adversary: Young Buck
When: June 2008
What happened? A debt-ridden, tearful Young Buck called 50 up to apologize for being disloyal... Little did he know 50 was recording the whole thing.
Best line: "Sometimes a nigga just get confused." - Young Buck

Adversary: Shyne
When: August 2010
What happened? 50 interrupts Shyne's post-prison conference call. Mostly because, he was bored on a Wednesday.
Best line: "You can't go to war from a fuckin' island!" - 50 Cent

Adversary: Q
When: January 2011
What happened? 50 figured out a genius way to promote his headphones: Beef with bloggers.
Best line: "You see the suit and tie, you think I cleaned all the way up like that? Watch me show you some of the old me!" - 50 Cent