The New York Times featured DJ Skee, who just collaborated with Game for his new mixtape, Purp & Patron, in today's business section to have him talk about being a frequent flyer. Skee told The Times about his travel habits and we learned a few interesting things about his flying preferences.

1. After admitting he's a light sleeper, Skee claims, "The best sleep I ever get is on international flights, which have those flat bed seats. I don’t know why, but I’ll sleep for 12 hours straight." Obviously, someone is flying first class.

2. One time, when a huge snow storm was about to hit New York City and Skee had to make it to Los Angeles, he booked nine flights at various airports. He eventually was able to get out of NY and get refunds on the other eight tickets. Though he admitted, "My credit card was smoking when I was done."

3. When asked what his least favorite airport was, the Los Angeles-based Skee said LAX because, "It’s tough to navigate and the security lines are crazy." Word. It's almost as if they don't want you to smuggle some Cali weed in your duffel.

4. He hates flying from Los Angeles to Las Vegas because of the turbulence. He says he made a special "Vegas Plane" playlist to help drown out people screaming on the himself.

5. He flies domestic all the time and since he doesn't sleep much on those flights he often chats with seatmates. He even claims, "I have been known to hook seatmates up with tickets to shows." OMG, Skee we are so sorry for cracking jokes. Please hook us up with some tickets!