For years critics have been railing on overtly sexual pop music. The minute a woman starts talking about sex on a record, she’s a slut. C'mon, fam; just like in 1983, girls in the modern era just wanna have fun. That means embracing their sexuality, dancing, having a good time...and maybe taking a dude home, banging him, and sending him for his very own walk of shame the next morning. Nowhere is this more evident than contemporary pop music, where a whole new set of starlets are empowering women to live out their own alpha-female fantasies.

From Katy Perry kissing girls to Ke$ha picking up guys to Rihanna staring down at some guy's cock in her music video, these women are about getting what they want. The attitude isn't new, it just never had a name. At least not until earlier this year, when popular blog Hipster Runoff coined the "slutwave" term, which led to it being named "Fake Genre of the Year" by Rolling Stone. So now that we finally know what to call whatever it is that Britney Spears makes, it's time to count down The 25 Greatest Slutwave Songs of All Time...

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