The 50 Greatest Chicago Rap Songs

#23. Molemen f/ Juice "Freestyle or Written"

Year: 1997
Produced By: Molemen
Album: Below the Ground
Label: Molemen Records

Probably best known outside of Chicago for defeating the biggest rapper on the globe, Eminem, at Scribble Jam in the late '90s, Juice is a strong contender for the greatest freestyle rapper of all time. A mainstay on Sway & King Tech's "The Wake Up Show," Juice has embarrassed a laundry list of A-list, aspiring, and would-be battle MCs over the years. In 1997, storied Chicago production trio the Molemen (PNS, Panik, and Memo) released their Below the Ground EP, which contained Juice's underground hit "Freestyle or Written." The track, which featured one written verse and one freestyled verse, showcased Juice's pen game as well as his off-the-dome skills. The question is, can you tell which one is which?

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