The 50 Greatest Chicago Rap Songs

#28. D 2 Tha S "Doomsday"

Year: 1994
Produced By: The Legendary Traxster
Album: Doomsday
Label: Under Cover Productions

Before racking up platinum plaques for producing for the likes of Twista, Ludacris, Mariah Carey, and Do or Die, the Legendary Traxster fronted the street-hop duo Dedicated 2 Tha Streets. Along with co-star K-Tone, he recorded some of the earliest "street music" in Chicago history and stayed true to the name the group claimed. In 1994, the Ill State duo released their 12-inch for "Doomsday," which also included the notable Toxic-featuring B-side "Dissin' These Fools," which took shots at Naughty By Nature, who was in a full-fledged battle with Twista at the time. D 2 Tha S never released a proper album, but did drop a few singles over the years. On a sad note, group member Trevor "K-Tone" Caston passed away on September 12, 2010, from complications from asthma. He will no doubt live on through his music. May he Rest In Power.

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