Punchline King: The 25 Best Lloyd Banks Verses

#9. Lloyd Banks f/ 50 Cent "Porno Star" (2nd verse) (2002)

Album: The Best of Lloyd Banks
Quotable: "I saw her in the mall shopping, now I'm contemplating about stopping/Because she can get me off like Cochran."
Complex says: "Porno Star" is kind of like the G-Unit version of Nas' "Black Girl Lost" (Well, except for the part when 50 declares said porno star as "My kinda girl"). Ironically, around 2004 an Internet rumor spread that Banks himself was a porno star when a video of Ty Lattimore (a gay porn star who looks kinda like Banks, #NoBrianPumper) hit the web. Of course Interscope denied the rumor, but we're guessing 50 Cent saw a business opportunity because next thing you know, G-Unit released Groupie Love—that's right, G-Unit porn. The craziest part? Banks won a AVN Award for Best Music!

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