Acting resumé: D-Glo kicks ass as Troy Barnes, one half of a bromance with Danny Pudi's Abed Nadir on NBC's Community, and has also written for NBC's 30 Rock. We say that to say this: If you don't respect the man, you can get the Peacock.
Rap resumé: Since 2008, Glover has been putting out mixtapes and albums as Childish Gambino, which, for the record, is a horrible fucking rap name. But, as it turns out, his cleverness and wit extend beyond a television writer's room or the stand-up stage, and he's also known to freak flows over indie rock like Grizzly Bear. Plus, on his most recent album, Culdesac, he says he "busts nuts like a Gallagher squirrel," so yes, we co-sign.
Verdict: Rapper's delight!

"Yes," Childish Gambino


Acting resumé: A Canadian child actor, Stone has been in the biz since 1984 and isn't dead yet. Then again, based on film credits like Sorority Boys and Kickin' It Old Skool, maybe he is.
Rap resumé: In 2006, Stu and his comedian buddy Jamie Kennedy put out the rap album Blowin' Up in conjunction with their MTV reality show of the same name about trying to make it in rap. It moved only 350,000 copies worldwide, but their video for the single "Circle Circle Dot Dot" has been viewed 13 million times and counting, and we all know that the Internets don't lie, so get ready for his Hip-Hop Honors in 2025.
Verdict: Rapper's delight!


Acting resumé: For three seasons in the early '90s, Nemec was the star of the teen sitcom Parker Lewis Can't Lose, in which he played a high school kid on a missioin to be cool. Given that, and his eventual foray into rhyming, his command to his boys to "Synchronise Swatches" may be the start of rap's timepiece insanity. So basically we're saying blame him for all the rappers who wear their children's food, clothing, and textbook money on their wrist.
Rap resumé: In the '90s, Nemec joined the rap group Starship of Foolz, which was produced by fellow actor Balthazar Getty and featured Shane Mooney, comedian Paul Mooney's son. Actual audio evidence of him rapping is like the Holy Grail of white rap, but we do at least have proof that he once tore the roof off the mutha at TV personality Ed Lover's birthday party. So maybe becoming a Scientologist is still his craziest move.
Verdict: Inconclusive


Acting resumé: Have you seen Menace II Society??? or were you hiding from black people in 1993?
Rap resumé: In 1998, Turner signed to Rap-A-Lot Records as Caine, which was his character's name in the Menace (and really the only reason you'd know him). He made a couple of guest appearances on the Geto Boys' Da Good Da Bad & Da Ugly and Scarface's solo LP My Homies, but didn't exactly rap a lot. Unless by "rap" you mean "wrap," as in finish, 'cause he's been doing that crazily ever since!
Verdict: Stick to the script!

"Menace Niggas Never Die," Scarface feat. Menace Clan and Caine


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