Our favorite rapping white girl (and brand new mom!), Uffie, drops her debut album and shows no signs of slowing down.

By Toshitaka Kondo; Photography by Marley Kate
Just because Uffie recently had a daughter doesn’t mean she’s completely curbed her party-girl ways—after all, the 22-year-old divorcée showed up to our photo shoot with a lovely hickey on her neck. Not that we should expect the stylish and beautiful Parisian (by way of Miami)—who raps about Glocks, first love, and how other MCs can kiss her ass—to change overnight. Besides, would you want an album called Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans (her Pharrell-featured Ed Banger/Because/Elektra debut) from a soccer mom? We’re not sure how she is at juggling balls, but Uffie did keep our attention talking about tattoos, her friends shitting on Ke$ha, and from whom she got that hickey. So: Save your Mother’s Day card for someone else, son.
One of your first big singles was called “Pop the Glock.” Have you ever shot a gun before?
Uffie: Yeah, I went shooting with my uncle when I was 8. Magnums, 9-millimeters, that kind of thing. He was a narc. My mom would not love to read this. [Laughs.]
How would your mom feel about you showing up to our shoot with a hickey?
Uffie: I’m single and young. I met a boy a week ago at the Crazy Horse, a cabaret in Paris, who went all Twilight on me. I’m obviously never seeing him again. It wasn’t like a date. It was my friend’s friend that I just met who was there from Tel Aviv.
Is it true that you’re currently getting a tattoo removed?
Uffie: I am. It’s the guy that I was married to.
How many removal treatments have you gotten so far?
Uffie: Two. It’s painful. I was breastfeeding when they were doing it, so I couldn’t take the painkillers.
Did you get the tat before or after you got married?
Uffie: Our first date we went to Tokyo together and got each other’s names tattooed. It was massively romantic and he painted my name on a billboard. I was 19. But I’m going to eventually meet someone else, and I don’t think they’re going to appreciate that. It’s like a tramp stamp—it just seems a bit wrong.
Speaking of wrong, how you do feel about the media pitting you and Ke$ha as rivals?
Uffie: My friend went up to her at a party like, “You fucking bitch! You stole her song!” That’s harsh. My friend Jeremy Scott shitted on her on Twitter. I feel kind of bad for her. It’s her 15 minutes, and everyone is being crazy on her. It’s so not worth it.
Does it bother you that since she has a really big song, some people might think you’re actually biting her style?
Uffie: That would be annoying as fuck. But it’ll probably happen.