Complex: So the most popular YouTube joints: "Rich Bitch," "Up Next," "Pretty Bitch," "Look Like Jesus"--that's your production?

Lil B: Those are from different producers. My production has sprouted from songs like "Dangerous Minds." I have secret albums that I've released online, available online only. A secret Red album and a secret Blue album called Paint and Dior Paint. I produced and composed the whole album. I feel like I've done something in hip-hop that no one has ever done. That's why I feel like I'm a legend trapped. I need to be heard and I need to be seen by the world, because I'm doing things that no one has ever done in the rap game. Not Jay-Z, not Nas, not anybody. And I take from all the greats. A piece of them is a piece of me. I like all of them and I would love to tell each and every one of the artists that I respect them and I really do love them. They changed my life, they helped me become who I am. But at the end of the day there's no one in the rap game doing what I'm doing. It's just fact. I have a lot of music that no one has ever heard. I got stuff with Travis Barker that no one's ever heard.

Complex: Why do you take that approach? Most of your songs aren't available for download. There's a song here, a song there. You have a random 250-song mixtape. It's chaotic and there's no order to it.

Lil B: [Laughs.] Right. I look at it like, the people that really love me will find me, you just gotta stay up-to-date with me. I'm gonna put it out there for you. And I'm working on stuff that's gonna be easier for the masses to get. I'm working hard on a lot of good music. A lot of mainstream quality stuff, because that's what I do. I make mainstream hits. I'm a writer and I just make hit songs. I can't stop. I make controversy and that's just me because that's the kind of person I am.

Complex: You have like a million videos out there. You seem to have taken a video over MP3 approach.

Lil B: Right, right.

Complex: Is that how you caught Soulja Boy's attention? How did you guys get together?

Lil B: I was dropping videos on WorldStar, man. I had this song called "Respect My Mind" and Soulja seen that. He quoted one of my lines on Twitter and he put my Twitter name and I'm like, "Damn, man, that's love." It was crazy because I'd been always respecting him. I had his music. I knew he was a young dude getting it in. So we're rocking. I'm fucking with him and I do whatever I can do to support him and show my love. I definitely got him.

Complex: What's your affiliation with him? There's some gray area as to whether you're officially SODMG. Are you signed?

Lil B: Me and Soulja wanna do some million-dollar-deal shit. It's on the table. We've been talking. I'm rocking with Soulja. We 'bout to go in heavy.

Complex: Right, but you're not signed right now?

Lil B: It ain't no paperwork, but I'm here with him. The money's there, the loyalty's there, and everything else is there. Motherfuckers gonna do it. We gonna do some big multi-million-dollar-type shit. [Laughs.]

Complex: Who aren't you rocking with?

Lil B: Rappers that never struggled. One of the people that, and I can't really speak on him until I meet him, and I can't wait to meet him and embrace the fuck out of him and learn his struggle, is Drake. I wanna see where Drake came from, his background. He's talented and he's amazing. And I want Drake's hype. I want motherfuckers to hype me like how Drake is, and let me take over the motherfuckin' world. You feel me? Let me show you all the music I got. I got music for the next 30 years. I know the hottest artists for the next 30 years. Put that light on me that's on Drake right now.

Complex: So do you think he's undeserving of that shine?

Lil B: No, I definitely don't feel like he's undeserving of it. Either Drake already came in the game rich or he didn't. You feel me? I don't know if Drake was ever struggling. He was on TV. But you can't believe what you see. Motherfuckers speak on me, and they really don't know my struggles. They can say, "Oh, he's gay, he's a faggot, he worships the devil." Everybody has a lot of assumptions about me but they really don't know my struggles. They really don't know why I'm here doing this. They don't know I love the Earth. I love people. So me talking on Drake is ignorance, really. But still, it's a perception. I don't know if he struggled and that's for me to find out when I meet him. We'll talk. I'll find out. Real hip-hop to me is niggas that came from nothing. I'm saying that he's not real hip-hop.

Complex: If you suspect someone didn't have many struggles, that automatically lowers your opinion of them?

Lil B: Everything I'm saying about Drake, that's just envy and jealousy. He's eating and I'm not. That's all it is. It's nothing. It's love at the end of the day.

Complex: What's your definition of "based," because you say that with everything. What does that mean?

Lil B: Based means being yourself. Not being scared of what people think about you. Not being afraid to do what you wanna do. Being positive. When I was younger, based was a negative term that meant like dopehead, or basehead. People used to make fun of me. They was like, "You're based." They'd use it as a negative. And what I did was turn that negative into a positive. I started embracing it like, "Yeah, I'm based." I made it mine. I embedded it in my head. Based is positive.

Complex: It's also like a stream-of-consciousness thing when you're rapping, right?

Lil B: Exactly. In Based Freestyles, we don't think. You just let your unconscious mind speak. You let the truth speak. I'm not pre-thinking what I'm gonna speak. I'm going to speak from what my mind says, and that's the truth. That's the truth right there.

Complex: Is your unconscious mindset fascinated by homosexuality? You talk about lesbians a lot. You call girls faggots. You call yourself a pretty bitch. Is there interest in that lifestyle?

Lil B: It's a touchy subject. I respect the hell out of gays and the gay community. I'm not a gay man. I don't agree with sex with another man or fucking another man or giving blow jobs to another guy. That's not my thing. I'd rather fuck a girl, fuck her in her ass, fuck her in the mouth or something. Sorry for cussing.

Complex: It's fine.

Lil B: It's a very touchy subject. People get scared when they hear the gay word, but when you truly know yourself, you gonna be good. Say for instance you're watching a porno, right. And, you're jacking off and shit, and some gay shit pops up. And you're like, "Oh, shit!" Either you're gonna look at that shit, or you're not gonna look at it and you're not gonna give a fuck about it. Like, some gay shit can pop up on me, and I don't give a fuck about it. I'm like, "Oh, that's that gay shit. Get that shit off. Back to the bitches." But some muthafuckers are in denial. Some dudes are really in denial. They're like, "What's that? Ohhhh!" And they hate themselves for that. They're like, "What's wrong with me?" You feel me? And these are motherfuckers that's around us. That's not saying shit. So, it's like, I'm a faggot because I'm so not a faggot. I can say I'm a faggot. I can say I'm the gayest bitch on Earth. And I'm so not gay, it's obvious. I know from my deepest core that I'm very far from gay. So I can say I'm the bitch queen that fucks cows. I'm not.

Complex: I think you know what you're doing, too. You're wearing a pink v-neck in "Pretty Bitch." You have a freestyle called "I'm A Faggot."

Lil B: Yup. That's me.

Complex: So you can't get that mad when people question your sexuality.

Lil B: Right, right. I'm gonna do me because that's the type of dude I am. I need that attention on me. That's because the attention deserves to be on me. I'm gonna go motherfucking hard. I'm breaking down these barriers of society. Society says you're supposed to do this, and you're supposed to do it this way, you know you're supposed to look like this. We're a new generation of people. We need to be happy. We need to love each other. We need to accept each other for who we are and stop judging each other. Live life and love. Stop judging just to keep yourself secure. Look deeper. There's always something deeper than what it is.

Complex: With songs like "Look Like Jesus" or lines where you're telling Nicki Minaj that you're the finest bitch out, is that part of your ploy for attention?

Lil B: Yeah. Everybody loves Nicki. Everybody's like, "Nicki's hella fine." And for me, it's like, "You know what, Nicki? I'm hella fine." You feel me? It's like, "motherfuckers, look at ME." I'm that fine motherfucker. I'm over here dressing beautiful. You feel me? Motherfucker, I been doing this shit since I was like 15. So it's not even for attention. I got the best album coming out in hip-hop history. No one's ever done what I've done, bro. I've shattered the bar system. I've created my own system. I've composed my own work. I listen to all the greats: Cormega, AZ, Raekwon. I study the greats. I know what it is, you know?

Complex: You know what a traditionally dope rapper is supposed to sound like.

Lil B: Exactly, I know what true rap is. I know what undeniable rap is. I know what the critics like. I know what it is because I'm an MC. Motherfuckers forget, I'm not a rapper. KRS-One said it: I'm an MC. An MC is for the people. An MC is everything, man. The movements, the expressions. Real, true hip-hop. You gotta know hip-hop to be one. If muthafuckas don't know about Kool G Rap, then you're not an MC. If motherfuckers is not praising East Coast, you're not rap yet. You nahmean? That might be a bold statement, but that's my perception.

Complex: Do drugs have anything to do with your outlandish statements and behavior? One of your most recent tracks is called "Cocaine." You openly smoke weed. You talk about acid and pills in other songs. Are you experimenting with a lot of substances these days?

Lil B: That's for me to know. I'm not gonna tell. That's what makes me me. That's what makes the greats the greats. I could be fucking with anything. Someone out there can relate. Fly like a genie, you know?

Complex: So whatever you're taking, it's just to fuel your creative process and help people relate?

Lil B: Man, I made a thousand songs sober. It's nothing. I got so much music that I'm in alphabetical order now, so that's where I'm at with it. Once somebody comes to my side, niggas are gonna be scared. They gonna be really scared. Everybody gonna have to feel me. I love everybody. I love all the rappers and I wanna fuck with them. I wanna work. Motherfuckers hear me saying fuck all these rappers. Motherfuckers gonna take offense if they don't like me. Motherfuckers don't know I listen to everybody. You might not fuck with me but I fuck with you.

Complex: It seems like the guy who punched you in that video took offense to something. Who was that? Your homie?

Lil B: I really don't know dude.

Complex: You don't know him?

Lil B: Nope.

Complex: Well, what was that video of you guys doing a dance together?

Lil B: It was a dude from Berkeley. He went to Berkeley High. He wanted to do an interview so I supported him.

Complex: Do you remember him from high school?

Lil B: Dude way younger than me.

Complex: Do you feel like that was his plan the whole time or was there some tension during the interview that led to it?

Lil B: That was the plan the whole time.

Complex: Because you do such controversial things, some people wonder if it's a publicity stunt.

Lil B: Nah, it's no publicity stunt. My lip is fucked up, you feel me? It's a learning experience, though. It happens to the best of them. Motherfuckers always try to hate you when you're on the come-up, on the brink of breaking through. Motherfuckers be jealous. Jealous of how I look. Jealous of everything about me. I'm glad that shit happened, though, because a motherfucker ready now.

Complex: Watching the video, it looks like dude was asking you to "get Soulja Boy" and not doing that was what led to him hitting you. Can you explain that?

Lil B: I don't know what led to him hitting me, but motherfuckers was just saying, "Berkeley, we support you dumb hard. We got your back. Now call Soulja Boy and tell him about us."

Complex: And you not doing that—

Lil B: A motherfucker lost his phone. I didn't even have your number in the phone, you feel me? I didn't have it and the motherfucker did what he was planning to do.

Complex: Maybe he felt like you weren't helping him. Like, he was supporting you and you weren't down to put someone from Berkeley on.

Lil B: I don't know what he was thinking or any type of emotion he felt.

Complex: Did you say anything when he asked you to call Soulja Boy?

Lil B: Like, "Shit, I ain't got it. Lost my phone." Motherfucker being honest. I don't even wanna give that nigga no more light. Niggas can't expect shit from me. I don't expect shit from nobody.

Complex: Knowing how you were in your younger days, does any part of you feel like retaliating?

Lil B: Nah, it's all good. I ain't worried about dude like that. I'm gonna charge that to the game and bounce back 100. I look at all the greats. Motherfuckers hated on 2Pac and Biggie. Motherfuckers hating on Waka Flocka since he been coming up. I'm gonna bounce back and be a monster in all aspects.


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