#5: NWA "8 Ball"

Drunken Quotable: "Stepped in the park I was drunk as hell/Three bitches already said, "Eric your breath smells!"
Complex Says: Take it from Eazy—if you don't want to fuck with a Compton gangster when he's sober, you don't want to fuck with him when he's drunk. Seriously.

#4: Iconz "Get Fucked Up" (2001)

Drunken Quotable: "Yo get fucked up, stay fucked up/Roll to the club in a navigator truck"
Complex Says: A staple on BET's Uncut (and retitled "Get Crunked Up" for the kids), this balls-out, lo-fi party anthem from three Miami dudes (and a girl!) had the whole country buzzing for a minute. Looks like their career might've passed out shortly after.

#3: Beastie Boys "Brass Monkey" (1987)

Drunken Quotable: "Cause I drink it anytime and anyplace/When it's time to get ill, I pour it on my face"
Complex Says: Jungle Juice isn't the only liquid that can get you free twos. In 1987 when three genius schmucks danced away from conformity and made their hip-hop debut, not only were we left with a classic album, but a classic bra-peeling drink as well.

#2: The Alkaholiks "Only When I'm Drunk" (1993)

Drunken Quotable: "Yeah, I get drunk and can't nobody whoop me/I'm trippin, must be the brew that I was sippin."
Complex Says: The West Coast has its fair share of liquor lovers, but no one does it quite like Tash and J-Ro, as heard on this classic flip of "Seven Minutes Of Funk" from their debut 21 & Over. Listen to hear the Liks spilling more drunken honesty than an inebriated priest. Amen.

#1: Snoop Doggy Dogg "Gin & Juice" (1994)

Drunken Quotable: "Now, that, I got me some Seagram's gin/ Everybody got they cups, but they ain't chipped in/ Now this types of shit, happens all the time/ You got to get yours but fool I gotta get mine"
Complex Says: This ode to Seagrams and Tanqueray from Doggystyle soundtracked so many house parties that everyone from fiddling rednecks to Chubb Rock recorded their own version. These days, the now 38-year-old might want to leave the liver fuck-ups to young Nipsey.


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