#10: The Alkaholiks f/ 'Ol Dirty Bastard "Hip-Hop Drunkies" (1997)

Drunken Quotable: "I divide square MC's like math/ Bend you in half and drink a Genuine Draft"
Complex Says: Most artists would have a hard time going to-to-toe with The Alkaholiks on a song about alcohol, but Big Baby Jesus ain't most artists. Wu-Tang's wild child took the party to the next level on this classic single from the crew's star-studded album Likwidation. Stop drinking all that muthafuckin' water!

#9: The Click "Hurricane" (1995)

Drunken Quotable: "Hurricane, but you can call me slurricane/ Slurricane, strong enough to start a engine mayne"
Complex Says: Way before E-40 went the dumb, his Click got stupid drunk off their favorite malt liquor with this classic ode to the ol' Slurricane that's half celebration and half cautionary tale.

#8: Young Black Teenagers "Tap The Bottle (Twist The Cap)" (1992)

Drunken Quotable: "Tap a cap, have a lot and not a lot not a little/Don't grade upon the label take a guzzle, don't dribble"
Complex Says: They might be remembered as an ironic joke in hip-hop history, but you can't front on this ode to the 40 ounce from this Long Island crew who were neither black nor teenagers. Their sole national hit jacked Das Efx's style to the fullest, but it's still a great soundtrack when you're trying to get triggity-trashed.

#7: Gucci Mane f/ Plies "Wasted" (2009)

Drunken Quotable: "Party, party, party, let's all get wasted/Shake it for me baby girl, do it butt naked/I'm so wasted, she so wasted shout the bartender/Send 20 more cases"
Complex Says: Only a few years after dropping the definitive pill-popping anthem ("Pillz"), Gucci found a new level of success with his bid for alcohol anthem supremacy. But Radric's single wasn't just about getting inanely trashed; it upheld some social dignity as well, uniting goons and binge-drinking white boys everywhere for the love of brimming red cups.

#6: Mobb Deep f/ Q-Tip "Drink Away The Pain (Situations)" (1995)

Drunken Quotable: "I used to be in love with this bitch named E&J/ Don't fuck with her anymore now I fuck with Tanqueray"
Complex Says: Hav and Prodigy go deep on this joint from The Infamous that struggles with their love of certain beverages. We're still trying to figure out why Q-Tip is rapping about clothes, though. Native Tongues get twisted too!

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