#15: Body Head Bangerz f/ YoungBloodz "I Smoke, I Drank (Remix)" (2004)

Drunken Quotable: "I smoke, I drank and wanna stop but I cant/ So I guess it's smoking, drankin all the way to the bank"
Complex Says: A drinking song countdown wouldn't be complete without the Drankin' Patnaz, but J-Bo and Sean Paul's most memorable intoxication anthem is actually this collabo that became an underground smash for Roy Jones, Jr.'s label. Ya'll must've forgot!

#14: Eminem f/ 50 Cent & Dr. Dre "Crack A Bottle" (2009)

Drunken Quotable: "So crack a bottle, let your body waddle/Don't act like a snobby model/You just hit the lotto"
Complex Says: After all the soul-breaking shit Em went through during his hiatus, this cork-popper felt just like the good ol' days. Who knew sober Marshall could sound so good!

#13: Jim Jones f/ Juelz Santana & Ron Browz "Pop Champagne" (2008)

Drunken Quotable: "Only Patron and a couple of lemons/Ten thousand dollars stuffed up in the denims"
Complex Says: Before the R&B alchies caught heavy rotation, Jimmy, Juelz, and a whole lotta Auto-Tune were busing making their drinking habits seem classy. We leavin' with the models.

#12: N.O.R.E "Drink Champ" (2007)

Drunken Quotable: "But I don't drink that Hypnotiq bullshit/That ain't a man's drink/That Alize is bullshit/Ask my nigga Prodigy how I go out/He was drinking in my studio and nearly fell out"
Complex Says: If Noreaga's warning you that he packs an "iron liver," prevent incoming embarrassment and drop that shot glass, son. Dude makes beer pong look like child's play.

#11: Busta Rhymes f/ P. Diddy & Pharrell "Pass The Courvoisier Part II" (2002)

Drunken Quotable: "I said Busta/ You leave them girl rollin... and it look like/They asses is swollen/ But if your man babysittin/ Then what you gon' say... "
Complex Says: Though this might as well have been called "Yo Courvoisier (Endorse Ya Man!)," we're not mad at Busta's liquor cosign. After its silly video featured pre-Oscar Mo'Nique getting her toe stomped out ("I'll do it again!"), Napolean's supposed cognac of choice stopped looking so much like counterfeit Henny.

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