#20: Nas "Drunk By Myself" (1999)

Drunken Quotable: "Only if I could take care of everybody, intoxicated/Windows up blastin A.C. going wherever instinct takes me/I hate it when I'm like this/The bottle's my accomplice"
Complex Says: Not every drink's a toast to the good life. Nasir spins the bottle solo on this dark narrative from his 2002 grab bag project, The Lost Tapes. Guess it's easy to resort to alcoholism when Uncle Sam's patting your pockets every month like a gold digger. Let's hope crazy Kelis doesn't make this a two-parter.

#19: Cassidy "My Drink N My 2 Step" (2007)

Drunken Quotable: "I do my 2 step/And let the link swing/hold the drink with the left hand and show the pink ring"
Complex Says: Cass returned (again!) in '07 from an eight-month jail stint with some new jigs and a swill. His new album might be M.I.A., but word is that Cass is working on getting an endorsement deal from Patron, thanks to this song. Fuck rap!

#18: J-Kwon "Tipsy" (2004)

Drunken Quotable: "Liquor wasted on me man, son of a bitch/Brush it off now I'm back to getting lit/Wit some orange juice man, this some good ish"
Complex Says: Before J-Kwon was lost (at the bottom of the 99-cent bargain bin) and found (at the bottom of the 99-cent bargain bin), his fizzy 2004 hit got burn at every sloshy teen's parental-free night of hurling 151. Oh wait, those kids were us.

#17: Above The Law "V.S.O.P" (1992)

Drunken Quotable: "If you wanna feel fine/ free your mind to the mega shots of V.S.O.P./Now you gotta get hype/ And you'll turn into G with a little bit of V.S.O.P"
Complex Says: Famous for working with both Dr. Dre and Eazy-E, this slept-on Cali crew swore that a sip of something special could flip even the most pussy-whipped gent to a G on this feel-good liquor tribute from their third album Black Mafia Life.

#16: Birdman f/ Lil Wayne "Pop Bottles" (2007)

Drunken Quotable: "Okay start with straight shots and then pop bottles/ Pour it on the models, shut up bitch swallow/ If you cant swallow, shut up bitch gargle"
Complex Says: Birdman's winning single may not promote sloppy Saturdays at the pub, but the Jadakiss sample on the hook provides the perfect instructions on how to mark that special occasion while throwing money around in the club. Plus, it could help you finally get a model wet.

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