Tiger Woods may have broken the playa code when he left his name on a voicemail recording in a panic, but rappers have been putting Tiger's name on record ever since he burst onto the scene. Whether calling him out for inventing his own race, addressing his unprecedented domination on the golf course or, more recently, touting their own sexual prowess, you can find Tiger's name in more rappers' mouths than weed smoke.

The strangest part of hip hop's devotion to Woods though, might be that he doesn't strike us as the type to listen to rap. But that hasn't stopped rappers from inserting themselves into the conversation, rejoicing in Tiger's victories while enthusiastically criticizing his missteps. Check out over 20 of Hip-Hop's Most Memorable Tiger Woods Shout-Outs...


LISTEN: Shawty Lo f/ Lil Wayne "WTF" (2010)

LYRIC: "I don't play golf, let's get this understood/I ain't prejudice, got more white than Tiger Woods."
GOLF SCORE: BIRDIE. Someone comparing the way they flip birds to the way Tiger flipped birds was long overdue by the time Mr. "Got Em For The L-O" cashed in for his comeback single.


LISTEN: Cam'ron "Halftime Show" (2003)

LYRIC: "I be with Don King, if you a fighter, good/Fuck Tiger Woods, it's tigers in the hood."
GOLF SCORE: EAGLE. You can be sure Cam never cared enough about Tiger Woods to even mean it as a jab, but he gets wild points for a clever nod to this news story of the time.


LISTEN: Swizz Beatz "That Oprah" (2008)

LYRIC: "Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, I'm tryna get that Oprah."
GOLF SCORE: PAR. We'll give the devil his due and acknowledge that Swizzy did jump out the window in rapping over a pretty serious Coldplay chop, but to be fair, that's only if you consider what Swizz Beatz does, rapping.


LISTEN: Ras Kass "Soul On Ice (Remix)" (1996)

LYRIC: "Tiger Woods ain't even up to par in the game of survival/That's why I'm pissin' in your Cristal bottle."
GOLF SCORE: BIRDIE. We're not sure what's up with the Howard Hughes-style urination, but Ras Kass deserves props for being the first rapper to make a Tiger reference, only months after he went pro.


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