In a business where release dates shift for multiple years before an LP actually drops, it's tough to really get excited for an artist's new album. But we're starting the new year off with an optimistic attitude—2010 is gonna be filled with some fuckin' amazing albums. Halfway through January, we've already seen a few solid releases (Vampire Weekend's Contra and Kanye's Storytellers), but the best is yet to come.

To let you know what's in store for 2010, we rounded up all the albums we're expecting this year (key word being expecting—forget pipe-dream releases like Detox), including everything from the psychedelic indie rock of Yeasayer to Drake's long-awaited debut. See who made the cut with Complex's 25 Most Anticipated Albums of 2010...

#25: Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee, Pt. 1

RELEASE DATE? First Half of 2010
WHAT WE KNOW: The iconic NYC trio's first proper album in 5 years was originally supposed to drop last fall, but was delayed after MCA was diagnosed with cancer. Expect the boys to build on the retro style of To The 5 Boroughs for an album they described as "strange" and "bizarre" in a BBC interview. After their Nas duet "Too Many Rappers" got a good buzz going last summer, we're eager to see what they drop next.

#24: Nicki Minaj TBD

RELEASE DATE? Third Quarter
PRODUCERS/COLLABORATORS: Polow Da Don (rumored), JR Rotem (rumored), Young Money
WHAT WE KNOW: Fresh off a hit mixtape and some song-stealing verses on the Young Money album, our recent Hot Complex is easily the most buzzed-about female rapper in a decade. She recently took a break from touring to focus on finishing her debut, and teased the fact that she might leak a single called "Married In The Club" (nope, no sign of it yet). With mixtape records like "I Get Crazy" and "Itty Bitty Piggy" still getting burn, expectations for her debut are high.

#23: Pac Div Grown Kid Syndrome

RELEASE DATE? Summer 2010
PRODUCERS/COLLABORATORS: Swiff D, The Neptunes (rumored)
WHAT WE KNOW: These three Cali kids had everyone bumping their Church League Champions mixtape last year (even the lambo!), and their new mixtape "Don't Mention It" should be dropping any day. Their official debut is now slated for some time this summer—expect more futuristic boom-bap goodness from in-house producer Swiff D, along with whatever came out of that week they spent in Miami with Pharrell.

#22: Common The Believer

RELEASE DATE? Summer 2010
WHAT WE KNOW: Right around the time Common's last LP, Universal Mind Control, dropped and people didn't like it so much, due to its dance faux-future feel, he began talking up his next endeavor: an entirely No I.D. and Kanye West produced album. While no details have leaked, Common has clearly made the best music of his career with these guys so The Believer will hopefully recapture that magic.

#21: Hot Chip One Life Stand

RELEASE DATE? February 8, 2010
WHAT WE KNOW: The kings of British electropop never disappoint, so we're expecting their fourth album to bring them even more mainstream exposure than their 2008 album Made In The Dark (are we the only ones who want them to cross over?). In fact, the new LP leaked last week, led by the single "One Life Stand," and from our first listen, it seems like their most pop-friendly album to date.


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