#6: CBS = Cabal of Black Singers?
What Conspiracy Theorists say: Formed in the late 18th century, the Columbia Lodge of the Order of the Illuminati began in New York City. The Illuminati is known as the One Eye. CBS is the Columbia broadcasting company. Jay shouted them out with the line "So I keep one eye open like CBS" on "Can I Live." But wait, it gets worse: Sony Records subsidiary Columbia Records is BEYONCE'S LABEL! *minor chord* Do we have to spell it out for you??!?!?!
What Complex says: And, AND, the word "Beyonce's" contains both "Sony" AND "CBS." OK, so we may have just shit ourselves.



#5: Rockefeller Y'all?
What Conspiracy Theorists say: From the very beginning, Jay-Z and Dame Dash aligned themselves with alleged Trilateral Commission founder/Illuminatus and crazy-person favorite John D. Rockefeller.
What Complex says: You think that's bad? The three-strike laws in New York state are known as the Rockefeller Laws (after then-governor Nelson Rockefeller, who signed them into law in the '70s). If you're not a puppet of the Illuminati, Jay, WHY DID YOU TALK SO MUCH ABOUT SELLING DRUGS? WAS IT IN ORDER TO INDIRECTLY HYPE THE ROCKEFELLER LAWS? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!



#4: Skull and Bones
What Conspiracy Theorists say: The skull and crossbones is a reference to the strong influence that "Bonesmen" in Berlin have over Illuminati members today. Not to mention that the Order of the Skull and Bones, a Yale student society, has produced dozens of politicians, CEOs, and judges.
What Complex says: Not to mention that the 306 bones in the human skeleton minus a skull and two bones = 303. Which is MEMPHIS BLEEK'S IQ!


#3: "Illuminati want my mind soul and my body"
What Conspiracy Theorists Say: Prodigy is already well known for his rambling diatribes keen-eyed exposure of the hidden forces wracking our world—so when Jay took his words and twisted them to his own benefit on the hook for "D'Evils," it was nothing if not Illuminati mind control at its finest.
What Complex Says: Prodigy is from Queensbridge. Jay is from Kings County. Do you see what we're seeing here, people? ALL-OUT INTERMONARCH BATTLE TO DETERMINE WHO WILL GAIN ULTIMATE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE POPULACE. There can be only one, McCloud!


#2: "Run this Town"
What Conspiracy Theorists say: As Jay said himself, "What more can I say?" Lit torches, covered faces, Jay's Martin Margiela shoutout where he pronounces "Maison" like "Mason"—it all adds up to a giant occultic clusterfuck
What Complex says: You think that's bad? We saw this video playing on BET right before a GE lightbulb commercial came on. And what do lightbulbs do? They ILLUMINATE. *taps temple knowingly* Check aaaaaaand mate.


#1: What's in a Name?
What Conspiracy Theorists say: He calls himself J-Hova, because Illuminati don't believe in God, and Jay believes his ability to remember rhymes in his head makes him a God! Not to mention the above video that takes place on the steps of a government building, foreshadowing Jay's impending Rockefelleresque political takeover.
What Complex says: "Shawn Carter" anagrams to "C Warns Earth." The "C" obviously stands for Complex. WE'RE JUST TRYING TO HELP HERE, PEOPLE.

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