Drake: "I don't ever miss my peers sets. I'm never off by myself in my room until it's my time to go. When I hear that boom and Wayne goes on stage, I'll stand out there, even on my bad leg, 'cause there's always something to learn."

Complex: How do you prepare yourself before you go on stage?

Drake: "Just kick it, man. Be calm. The best preparation I have is being out there from point A, watching Wayne so I get amped up. Feel out the crowd. Get my hugs from certain key females. That's my preparation for the show."

Drake: "Many people don't know this, but the night I recorded the freestyle that caught Waynes attention I was in the studio with Wayne but I didn't know him at all. I was recording to the song at the time, this song someone sent me a beat and said it's going to be the biggest song in the world, the song was called 'A Milli.' I just had the beat, I was like, 'This song is gonna be huge? OK.' So I just started rapping to it. I remember taking a break and coming out into the hallway and bumping right into Wayne."

Complex: How's the knee holding up?

Drake: "The knee's alright. Last night I had a bit of a scary moment. I saw somebody that had my mic and I walked backwards and I fell. But I got up and I had to go onstage right after."

Complex: You tune down your stage show at all?

Drake: "No [Laughs]. That's the scariest part."

Drake:"The cool thing about Young Money is that we stand by the stage and watch everybody perform, it's like a team. It's like playing on a hockey team. Everybody comes off stage and we slap hands and then the next person goes out and you get hyped and you rhyme their lyrics, it's like, I'm here for you. Everybody has good nights, everybody has bad nights, you gotta be there for both."

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