"My theory is fuck it / Sexy niggas get abducted"
-Fredro Starr from Onyx's "Last Dayz"

COMPLEX SAYS: Our theory is that this line could have used a rewrite. And change Sticky Fingaz's name while you're at it.



"You might got more cash than me / But you ain't got the skills to eat a nigga's ass like me."
-Canibus "2nd Round Knock Out"

COMPLEX SAYS: So that's why Canibus always looks like he has a bad taste in his mouth.



Guru on Gang Starr's "Now You're Mine" (see below for lyrics)

COMPLEX SAYS: Aspiring MCs, consider this the pause blueprint, the Moby Dick of unintentionally gay lyrics. Through the cumulative effect of line after homoerotic line, Guru has crafted the #1 most pause-worthy tour de force in the history of rhymes and beats. Below we've printed the song's full lyrics with annotations of Guru's unplanned double entendres...

"Yo Duke, you're dead wrong; you'll never have the skills like mine
I write the ill type rhymes now I'm reaching my prime
360 dunk in your face*
You can't compete, you're just a basket case
Let's separate the men from the boys*
And put your money where your mouth is*, no time for toys*

Your game is weak you geek so don't sleep
Cause I'll be checkin ya, wreckin ya*, when I start to creep
through the backdoor* - I know I caught you out there*

You got no clout here, and I doubt there
Is anyway that you can stop the beat down
You better play the background*, and sit back down
Chumps like you, I gotta keep 'em in line
So prepare to suffer boy*, cause now you're mine*

I'll fake you left and go right, straight down the lane*
Here's one in your eye*; you'll feel pain*
You strain* - to put together some strategy
But you're raggedy, and i'll be glad to see
The frown on your grill when I drill and thrill**
Set up my offense, commence to kill
I'll be leadin from beginnin to end
And after I pound ya, you're gonna wanna make friends*
And make amends for the silly, trash you were talking
Take a walk and your shots I'm swattin*
with ease, and the ladies are swoonin
Clockin my swiftness, while you're droolin*
You oughtta practice up and get your game refined
I've been waitin to dog you*, and now you're mine*

Hurry up sucker, go ahead and pick your squad
Try to play hard*... but I'ma rob
You of your crazy notions to defeat me
You're weak see, I'm rough hardcore*
And even be down to give you a rematch*
After I wax and tax that butt**

When I slam the alley-oop, you can rally troops
But I'll play the awesome defense
I'll pick your pocket*, and send you to the bench
With tears in your eyes as you realize the prize is for me*
Yes all the money
Son, my form is too nice*, my handle's precise*
I'll take you right or go left
Because my game's so def, and now you're mine*"

-Guru from Gang Starr's "Now You're Mine"

Officer Nohomo Note: We have a 1040 all officers.

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