Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi
What about people who look at you as Kanye’s little man?
Kid Cudi: [Laughs.] The album will shut a lot of people up. I actually have my own voice, and people will see that with the album. ’Ye just lets me be a man and shit. You don’t necessarily want a motherfucker to be holding your hand the whole time. There was a time when nobody listened to my shit and nobody would give me the time of day. Now I’ve got like four fan-made mixtapes—I’ve only got one mixtape out, the rest of them are from fans. Fans make these Kid Cudi wallpapers and draw pictures of me and all this and that. That shit is real; that means that kids connect with that shit. Not just because I’m Kanye’s artist. Those kids fuck with my music and that’s the realest shit ever. That lets me know that I’m important, and nothing is better than knowing you’re important.
You played me an outtake, which has to be the first love song I’ve ever heard about tripping on mushrooms with a girl .
Kid Cudi: One of my co-workers asked me over to smoke, and she ended up persuading me to do ’shrooms. We popped a couple of caps, and the next thing you know we’re listening to The Postal Service and all this real emotional music. We just vibed out; it was intense. I wanted to make a song for girls without it sounding like A Song For Girls, you know? There need to be songs that females can connect with, because I love all women. Not like the average dude that loves women ’cause they like to fuck; I just love women as a whole. I love them, not just the fact that they have vaginas.
That’s gonna get you some points, man.
Kid Cudi: I think they’re amazing creatures.
How much does your mom figure into that?
Kid Cudi: That’s what one of the issues was when we came up with “I Poke Her Face.” I was like, my mom is gonna hear this! But my mom understands rap, and I already explained it to her: “Well, you’re gonna hear this song one day and it’s a little bit explicit.” My mom is no stranger to vulgar content; my earlier raps used to be about all types of crazy shit.
The whole time we were at the video shoot, people were coming up for autographs and you talked to every single person. Are you really that worried about fame going to your head?
Kid Cudi: I don’t want to transform into a fuckin’ zombie. Every time people come up to me I want to hit them with that smile and shake their hands sincerely. Let them know that I appreciate them approaching me and I appreciate them liking my music.
What would your dad say to you if he was still here?
Kid Cudi: “Keep it up, young man.” He was always like, “Pick your head up! It shows confidence!” Now, with my confidence, because of my father and those moments, I remember why I’m here.
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