The sixth season of Entourage kicks off July 12 and word is already spreading about the upcoming celebrity appearances. Cameos from LeBron James, Zac Efron, and Tom Brady are all lined up, but we immediately started getting hyped when we heard Lil Wayne will appear in an episode.

As fans of Entourage, we're definitely looking forward to seeing Weezy's role, but our gut tells us that it might be somewhat underwhelming, if only because we've already seen so many rappers on the show. It'd probably be a lot more interesting if Wayne guest-starred on some other currently popular programs. Which is why we played casting director and imagined him in some more exciting roles. Here's how we would help Lil Wayne take over TV...


• Sure, there might be some dress code violations and failed drug tests, but what Wayne lacks in following protocol, he makes up for it in salesmanship. He sold millions of albums, so we're guessing he can sell paper. Collaborations with every notebook in the game and frequent leaks of new grades of paper will keep Dunder Mifflin more than satisfied. Big business minus the business suit, indeed.


• Dr. Carter wants to save every patient in the world and he's enlisted Young Money to help him run the hospital. Sometimes Wayne gets lost in the Promethazine aisle of the pharmacy, but Drake is usually around to pick up his slack in surgery. Wayne's Anatomy? Pause.


• Let's face it, Wayne doesn't have the best track record when it comes to collaboration albums (Juelz? T-Pain?). But just because the Hot Boys reunion probably won't happen on wax doesn't mean that it shouldn't happen at all. In a very special episode of Rescue Me, the Hot Boys team up with Tommy Gavin and the rest of the squad to fight fires in the hood. "Fire, f-fireman," son.


• Now that Lauren Conrad is gone, MTV needs another star to fill her shoes, and given Spencer Pratt's recent foray into hip-hop, Lil' Wayne makes perfect sense. MTV still parades The Hills as a reality show, so we can't really predict what's going to happen, but with the show's penchant for drama and Spencer's tendency to call out other rappers, we hope the beef doesn't get too thick. No pause.


• After a record-breaking season premiere last week, Jon and Kate Plus 8 is suddenly one of the hottest shows on television, largely due to Jon's infidelity scandal, but don't get gassed. We expect those ratings to last about as long as their marriage. Which won't be long, especially after Jon comes home to find Kate dancing for Wayne in her Mrs. Officer outfit and his kids stunting like their new daddy. Payback is a bitch.


• ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson has been quoted as saying Lost will end next season with a "highly anticipated and shocking" finale. Nobody knows what's happening on this show anyway, so run with it and have Weezy show up to the island in a UFO to perform "Lost" with Gorilla Zoe. Maybe toss in a murder plot for good measure. Lost viewers are so used to weird shit that we doubt this will even surprise them.