Last Friday, Asher Roth came through Complex headquarters while on a last-minute press tour for his debut album, Asleep in the Bread Aisle, which hits stores today. Instead of churning out an unimaginative Q&A we decided to resurrect one of our favorite columns, "Kanye's Fashion Beatdowns"—but this time have A. Roth critique the fashion sense of other white rappers.

Asher broke down each Caucasoid MC's outfit and rated it based on how appropriate it would be at the following places: 1) a country club; 2) a freestyle cipher at McDonald's; 3) at the mall; and 4) The BET Awards. Check what RAWTH had to say about Pete Nice , Eminem, Alchemist, Brian Austin Green, Marky Mark and more, then peep a behind-the-scenes video of Asher's beatdowns at the end of the click-through...

PETE NICE (right)

Asher says: I can't tell what shoes he got on, [but] I'm not mad at this outfit, I'm feeling the layers, I'm feeling the shades. Are those pajama pants? You know, this is definitely a dress-for-comfort outfit.

Country club: 4/5 At the country club this is a four only because I can't tell if they're shorts or not, but it looks like he's got golf-esque shoes, so of all of them, it's definitely a country-club outfit.
Freestyle cipher at McDonald's: 4/5 This is actually a good all-around outfit for the McDonald's.
Mall: 4/5 This is perfect.
The BET Awards: 4/5 Pete Nice did a good job with rocking a universal outfit as far as, Hey I'm going to rock this, I'm comfortable and at the same time I can go anywhere in this.



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