The thought of the next round of iPhones boasting a glass back is hopefully an exciting prospect for you, as the latest alleged peek at the new Apple fleet claims that's exactly what we're getting. Sonny Dickson shared side-by-side photos with 9to5Mac Wednesday alleging to show dummy (i.e. non-functioning) versions of the iPhone 7s, 7s Plus, and 8 all rocking glass backs.

The biggest design changes, as expected, appear to be coming to the (not officially named yet, but we're still going with this) iPhone 8. The latest alleged glimpse at the new models also offers the exact opposite of a confirmation of rumors surrounding a relocation of the Touch ID to the back of the phone, as no such feature is present in these photos:

The OLED device on the far right, presumably called the iPhone 8, is still expected to be noticeably pricier than its 7s and 7s Plus counterparts. Keeping with tradition, the 7s and 7s Plus will most likely slide into the price point positions currently occupied by the increasingly ancient 7 and 7 Plus models.

As for the reasoning behind the move from aluminum to glass, the transition isn't purely a cosmetic leap forward. Instead, 9to5Mac suspects, the design update will allow all three new models to utilize wireless inductive charging using a pad that will most certainly be sold separately.

A very short video also popped up this week claiming to show a dummy iPhone 8 in all black. Like the one depicted in the side-by-side photos above, the alleged iPhone 8 shown below boasts the same upgraded camera specs:

As expected, the rumors surrounding the new iPhones have becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with as their September unveiling draws closer. Just last week, industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared an alleged "note to investors" with AppleInsider claiming plans for an embedded Touch ID feature had been scrapped.

Stay tuned. Another rumor, possibly even one that contradicts everything I just wrote, should arrive within the next few hours. And who knows? Maybe future iPhones will have a similar feature to the below: