If you've never had the misfortune of being subjected to Ann Coulter's way of thinking, consider yourself fortunate. The professional attention seeker has made a living off of saying ridiculous, hateful shit for shock value, under the guise of being a "conservative commentator," and has even beefed with the king of shock rap himself, Eminem.

On Saturday, she had a different sort of complaint in mind than the usual riffs on immigration and forcing people to be Christian. Coulter registered a complaint that you may think would be sort of universal—she attacked an airline for what she felt was unfair treatment. In a lengthy rant from her Twitter page, Coulter whined about being bumped from her seat on a Delta flight, documenting the occasion with what she claimed was photo evidence.

On the surface, there's a real gripe to be had on Coulter's behalf, and no one likes to be inconvenienced when they fly. In recent months, we've even seen some passengers get outright assaulted because of issues on their flight.

But in Coulter's case, her past stances—and really, a lot of her "political" ideology is just thinly-veiled bigotry—came back to bite her. After listening to the pundit preach for years about personal responsibility and the free market to excuse a lot more insidious B.S., Twitter had a field day contrasting her stated beliefs with her complaint-fest.

If we're being honest, it is past time for us as a society to get Coulter out the paint. Unfortunately, she's pretty entrenched in her lane, and television producers like to use her insane comments to drive a full day of programming when she really antes up on the prejudice.

Knowing this, you have to savor the moments like these when she's faced with her own hypocrisy. Nobody deserves to get bumped from their seat because of their view on taxes, but the only real justice here would be Coulter's hateful ass flying in cargo storage.