Here's a crazy incident to conclude your work day with.

18-year-old Devon Arthurs (pictured above) has been accused of killing a pair of roommates he claims were neo-Nazis, saying he only did so after he converted from neo-Nazism to Islam. Arthurs says that his slain roommates "disrespected [his] Muslim faith." He also led cops to their bodies, which had gunshot wounds in the head and upper body, on Friday. However, he only did so after allegedly holding a pair of customers and an employee at gunpoint during a hostage situation in a nearby smoke shop. Eventually he surrendered. 

Arthurs says that, in addition to killing his ex-friends over their lack of respect, he also committed the gruesome crime because he was mad at global anti-Muslim sentiment and was seeking to bring attention to his "cause."

He is now facing two counts of murder, two counts of aggravated assault, and three counts of kidnapping.

While all that would serve to be bonkers enough to satisfy anyone's description of a crazy story, things actually got more nuts as police arrested a fourth roommate, Brandon Russell, on an apparent violation of federal explosives laws.

According to the Miami Herald, Russell was arrested in a traffic stop in the Florida Keys on Saturday, just a day after returning home from National Guard training to his two dead roommates. Federal authorities claim that they recovered a number of dangerous bomb-making materials from Russell's apartment/garage, including compound hexamethane, triperoxide diamine, ammonium nitrate, and radioactive materials such as thorium and americium.

Furthermore, Russell is said to have had a framed bedroom photo of Timothy McVeigh, the mastermind behind the Oklahoma City bombing. Police say that Russell claimed to be a member of a neo-Nazi group called Atom Waffen ("Atomic Weapon" in German), but that the previously mentioned materials were for a college engineering project from 2013.

Arthurs claims that that explanation is BS, and that his roommate (the living one) was talking in neo-Nazi chat rooms and had previously leveled threats about bombing infrastructure and killing people.

Sounds about par for the course for Florida.