I don't want to get all "back in my days" on you, but back in my days, promposals weren't even a thing. You asked shorty if they wanted to go or nah, and then kept it moving based on their answer. These days? You need to damn near write a one-act play just to pop the question. Or, like this savvy Georgia teen, you can glow all the way up via a fake drug bust.

Uploaded to the Peachtree City Police Department's Facebook page is the above video, which shows what appears to be a routine traffic stop. After officers pull over a white pick-up truck, they start investigating the couple in the vehicle. Apparently, there's "a little history on the truck," so the couple is asked to step out of the vehicle. After a back-and-forth conversation about searching the vehicle, the officer eventually pulls out what he said was two bags of weed.

As you'd imagine, sh*t gets real, with the girl visibly freaking out. After they both deny that the trees are theirs, the cop asks the girl to inspect one of the bags, which has a piece of paper in it. Her worried expression turns into a smile when she realizes that this was all a ruse, and homeboy was just asking her to prom. He eventually pulls out a sign—"Prom? Say Yes Or You're Under Arrest!"—and while she does say yes, she reportedly was still freaked the f*ck out.

Imagine if she hadn't said yes. There was already one high schooler who took Kylie Jenner to the prom; who would this guy have to get? Kendall?