Everyone talks about having a ride or die chick, but this mother from Melbourne’s outer south eastern suburbs has proven to be a ride or die mum. 

Early in 2016, the daughter of Jennifer McKenzie had a falling out with a former friend. The feud escalated to DMs and Facebook posts, before the two decided the only way to settle the beef would be toe to toe.

At this point, a normal parent would probably intervene, maybe call the other person’s mother, and gently navigate her child toward a non-violent resolution. Instead, McKenzie drove her daughter and three friends to nearby Berwick train station to throw hands with her former friend, who was also accompanied by three friends.

Fairfax reported the case made its way to the Magistrates Court on Tuesday, when prosecutor Anne Hassan told the magistrate the bout lasted around 30 seconds before the two groups decided to go their separate ways. When one girl inexplicably decided to throw a stone at McKenzie’s car though, things turned.

The enraged mother drove her car at the 14-year-old girl, who suffered fractures to bones in her right arm and left leg. McKenzie then declined to offer assistance, opting instead to sit in her car and let the girl’s friends render first aid.

Magistrate Sharon Smith handed McKenzie a three-month prison sentence, which McKenzie intends to appeal in June.