In episode 12 of our 16-part Complex Conversations series, which took place during our first annual ComplexCon, we shine a light on the concept of language shaping culture with a panel discussion titled, "A Manner of Speaking: Language in a Digital Age,” hosted by culture, business, tech, and entertainment media writer Chris Lee.

Actor and activist Jesse Williams, producer and entrepreneur Aryn Drake-Lee Williams, conceptual artist Glenn Kaino, and renowned​ radio DJ and author Angie Martinez break down different forms of language in today's age and how it changes the way we communicate and connect.

Aryn, Jesse, and Glenn drill down particularly on Ebroji, a GIF keyboard app they created that allows users to speak in their own form of digital language. "How do we color this experience in a way that's more interesting and more genuine and more representative of ourselves and people who are actually talking," Aryn says. "We came up with this particular keyboard because GIFs are hilarious, but why not have them in a way where you can use them as an extension as language."

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