We’ve all had contentious battles with our phone providers, who tend to be pretty stubborn when it comes to acquiescing to their customers’ various demands. But a South Florida woman took that frustration to dangerous new heights Thursday, when she drove her SUV into a T-mobile store, after they refused to replace her cracked iPhone with a new one.

A cell phone video captured 26-year-old Shinobia Montoria Wright plowing her vehicle into the store’s front facade. Palm Springs police say that once inside, Wright smashed display cases with a squeegee, and threw various items, one which hit a store employee. The only other injury occurred when a case fell on another employee, injuring his knee.

Wright was arrested following the incident and faces multiple charges, one of which is aggravated battery, The Associated Press reports.

Police say a number of factors led to Wright’s disturbing outburst. Though WPTV reports that Wright told police she was having a “bad day,” her family members hinted that she’d become mentally unstable over the past year. Considering an assistant manager at the store told police that Wright said it was her birthday, and she was going to “bug out” if she didn’t get a new phone, it would appear that Wright was indeed mentally unhinged.

She’s since been hospitalized, and will undergo surgery. As for the new phone, Wright has much bigger problems to worry about: The damage she caused to the store is estimated at $30,000. That’s a lot of iPhones.