Hitting up the DMV is always an extremely pleasant experience, isn't it? A trip to the DMV, after all, ranks right up there with other pleasurable activities such as visiting the doctor's office for a physical or having a tooth removed from your mouth without anesthesia. It's just so damn fun!

To show his appreciation for his local DMV, one Virginia man went the extra mile by paying the sales tax on two fresh cars with approximately 300,000 pennies:

Nick Stafford had been in an extended disagreement with the Department of Motor Vehicles in Virginia after first attempting to speak to someone on the phone back in September regarding the registry of a new vehicle, BuzzFeed reported Thursday. "Being self employed, I hardly have time to sleep, much less make a trip to my local DMV just to ask a '30-second question,' so I tried to call my local DMV office by calling the only phone number listed on the internet," Stafford said in a statement.

The call to the Lebanon DMV ended up being the sort of conversation in which one is placed on hold for a ridiculous length of time, inspiring Stafford to make a Freedom of Information Act request for a direct line to the DMV. The fight, the Bristol Herald Courier adds, then grew to include multiple lawsuits related to acquiring the direct phone lines to additional DMV locations in the area.

Naturally, the whole ordeal ended Wednesday with hundreds of thousands of pennies being delivered to the DMV via five wheelbarrows. The DMV staff was then forced to spend 12 straight hours counting up the change, which weighed in at just over 1,500 pounds. "Moral of the story, NEVER, ever, tell a slightly rebellious, yet knowledgeable and well informed tax paying citizen (who has made MILLIONS on the internet) that he is not 'allowed' to call a phone number that HE is already paying for [sic]," Stafford said.