Treats Family Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor in Minnesota was slammed by the internet after posting a "Muslims Get Out" sign out front. The Lonsdale restaurant's Yelp page came under fire Monday when one reviewer gave the restaurant a taste of its own medicine in response to the sign writing "You're entitled to your free speech and I'm entitled to mine." The reviewer wrote, "The ice cream is salty and melts really quickly, but I think it’s because the fiery hate of the restaurant owner increases its internal temperature."

From there the negative reviews started piling on, with one reviewer writing, "We dropped in for some ice cream between the Klan meeting and the Trump rally." Yelp has put an "Active Cleanup Alert" for when people visit the restaurant's page, writing that it's working to remove both positive and negative reviews prompted by news coverage about the restaurant in question.  

The restaurant owner, Dan Ruedinger, said he wouldn't remove the sign, MPR News reported. However, Ruedinger did explain the sign wasn't directed at all Muslims."This was not, nor is, it directed at the Muslim population in general," Ruedinger said. "This is directed at the extremist Muslims that are destroying our country, killing innocent Americans, blowing up innocent businesses, and it needs to stop." Ruedinger said he couldn't fit the word 'extremists' on the sign.

Ruedinger put the sign up reading "In support of St. Cloud" referring to the stabbing attack at a Minnesota mall over the weekend for which ISIS has taken responsibility.