When people aren't using Tinder to start a political revolution and get people on team Bernie Sanders they're using it to hook up, fall in love, whatever people are doing these days. You've already gotten advice from porn stars on how to land more matches on Tinder (Don't take pictures with kids and don't list the current shows you're watching, though Netflix would disagree). So now it's time to give back and help out the less fortunate around you by getting them more matches. With Tinder's new "share" button you'll be able to do just that. 

As Mashable reports the app is testing out a new feature: a "share" button. Tinder users will be able to get a profile link with the share button, which can be sent over text to the aforementioned "less fortunate" who might be your co-worker, your best friend, or someone in between.  You know how tweets and Instagram photos have share buttons that provide links (unless the account is private, of course) shareable via text? It's the same thing. Well, almost. 

Mashable also reports the link is temporary, adding a heightened pressure to the situation don't you think? The link will reportedly disappear after it's received five clicks or after 72 hours, whatever happens first.

In case you're not on board with this don't worry you'll be able to turn off the feature for your profile.

As for everyone else, better swipe before it's too late.