After receiving a visit and keynote from President Barack Obama, SXSW held an Online Harassment Summit all of Saturday. One of the summit's panels addressed online harassment women, for example women in gaming, face. "I can't say this clearly enough: Reddit is failing women in every marginalized community spectacularly," said GamerGate target Brianna Wu who was on of the panels. One of the examples of Reddit's failure is 2014's The Fappening in which nude private photos of women including Jennifer Lawrence and others were posted. Reddit took long to take down the photos reportedly generating a quarter billion page views and revenue. Here’s how the panel went down. 

Wu, a video game developer co-founder of gaming studio Giant Spacekat spoke at the "Is a Safer, Saner and Civil Internet Possible?" There she talked about facing harassment online, especially when she was targeted by GamerGate. Wu said she's received over 200 death threats in recent years with her husband and dog being threatened too reports the New York Times

She told CNN while in the midst of GamerGate: "I am not going to get bullied out of this industry by some people that are this threatened by women that just want to sit here and make video games. You have players which are taking in these unconscious messages—women are not welcome here, this is our turf, this is our space—and then as a result of that we have a very hostile culture toward women."

In October SXSW actually canceled two panels, one of which was going to address GamerGate and the harassment of women in gaming online, after threats were made to the panels.

As the New York Times reports Wu singled out Reddit and YouTube not only for being places where GamerGate supporters congregate, but also for not removing offensive content aimed at women quick enough. Doxing, releasing a person's personal information, was listed as a part of the harassment in addition to revenge porn. As the NYT notes, Reddit doesn't require users to provide personal identification information to use the site. 

In the "Is a Safer, Saner and Civil Internet Possible?" panel it was explained how women in the aforementioned "marginalized communities" are worse off. Those women are often targeted on things such as race and religion, as The Daily Dot reports. 

Since the Fappening, Reddit has moved to change some of its policies, like that on nude photos:

"Reddit is committed to your privacy. If you believe that someone has submitted, without your permission, to reddit a link to a photograph, video, or digital image of you in a state of nudity or engaged in any act of sexual conduct, please contact us...and we will expedite its removal as quickly as possible. reddit prohibits the posting of such content without consent."