Mitt Romney continued his efforts to prevent Donald Trump from fully cannibalizing the Republican party with a stop by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, expressing his continued disgust with his fellow GOP mainstays. Last week, Romney delivered a public condemnation of Trump’s campaign in which he labeled the bigotry-championing steak salesman a "fraud." Trump promptly responded with his usual childishness, with his supporters (and spam bots?) quickly following his treacherous lead on Twitter.

After making careful note of Romney's "big hands," Kimmel thanked the former presidential candidate for making Jimmy Kimmel Live history by becoming the first person to ever stop by the show "to stop someone" from doing something (i.e. to stop someone from becoming a POTUS).  "We have to talk about who’s going to be the leader of the free world and I don’t think Donald Trump should be that leader," Romney said. Adding that "the straw that broke the camel’s back" was Trump’s very troubling fumble of that egregious David Duke controversy, Romney took aim at Trump’s potential impact on the future of the nation.

When asked by Kimmel to offer specific support for one of the other candidates, Romney declined in favor of his previously proposed plan of keeping all candidates in the race just long enough to spread out the delegates. In doing so, Romney argues, Trump's path to the GOP nomination hits a series of potential roadblocks. However, as this is Jimmy Kimmel we're talking about, the focal point of Romney's appearance was his willingness to read (and briefly dissect) some "mean tweets" from Trump and his belligerent army of supporters:


For what it's worth, studies show that the average Trump supporter is generally way less educated than the alternative and often possesses abysmal grammar skills. This, of course, makes a great deal of sense when viewed next to the realization that Donald Trump speaks with the language capacity of a fourth-grader.