A Missouri man almost lost a fortune after accidently tossing away his wife’s really expensive wedding rings.

According to Mashable, 54-year-old Bernie Squitieri saw a paper towel on the kitchen counter and threw it in the trash like any normal person. He even took the bag out and personally handed it to a sanitation worker. What he didn’t realize was that his wife Carla’s $400,000 wedding band and anniversary ring were both in that towel. It wasn’t until he saw his wife panicking that it became clear what he had done.

They were running out of time as the truck was on its way to a radioactive landfill, Yahoo reports. Determined, he convinced workers at Meridian Waste Services to stop the truck and sift through 10 tons of garbage. After about 25 minutes of looking (and probably gagging), operations manager Joe Evans recovered the missing rings.

"Ten times out of 10, we don't find something like that," he told ABC News. "It was the best feeling in the world to find that ring and give it back. I was raised a certain way and I knew it'd have more meaning to them than it would have for me."

Obviously, they were lucky in more ways than one.