Usually it's Donald Trump who is doing/threatening to do the suing. Like that time he threatened to sue Mac Miller, or the time he threatened to sue The Daily Beast, or that time he actually sued Bill Maher, or the time Trump sued Trump. Today it's Trump's campaign that is named as the defendant in a lawsuit filed in Manhattan that accuses the Trump campaign of stealing the image of a bald eagle that it has been using on campaign swag, according to the New York Daily News. 

You can't find the merchandise on Trump's website anymore, but here's a screen grab featuring the a sign that the campaign was selling featuring the eagle in question (via TMZ).

The suit was filed by a pair of wildlife photographers, Wendy Shatil and Rover Rozinski, who claim that their "iconic" photograph of a bald staring straight ahead has been used on Trump stuff without permission. 

From the lawsuit: 

"In 1980, Rozinski created 'Bald Eagle Portrait,' an iconic photographic image of a bald eagle," the claim states. "The Photograph captures a piercing, intimate, eye-to-eye moment with this majestic creature with near-perfect symmetry against a flawless sky blue background."

"It would be difficult, as perhaps an understatement, to recreate such an image given the challenge of replicating and capturing such a fleeting moment in nature," the suit continues.

"That Rozinski captured this moment at all is remarkable considering that when created, the American bald eagle faced extirpation in North America due to poisonous DDT pesticide use, among other factors."

It's not clear what kind of damages the photographers are seeking in their lawsuit. It's also not the first time that Trump has got into a hairy situation with the majestic and formerly endangered birds. You may remember that time that a bald eagle, the symbol of American patriotism, decided it didn't trust Trump (that bird is clearly feeling the Bern).