Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have had a non-stop past couple of days. Over the weekend there was Super Saturday and more primaries and caucus races on Sunday. Clinton excelled in the former and Bernie Sanders won the Maine caucus. The two also met for a debate on Sunday in Flint, Michigan. Yesterday's Super Tuesday part two saw an unexpected result after Sanders won the Michigan primary, which Clinton had been poised to win leading Sanders in the polls by double digits. 

Today the candidates debated for the eighth occasion in Miami. Sunday's debate included discussion over Flint water crisis, the time Clinton referred to black children as super predators, mass incarceration, and gun control, one of the issues the candidates disagree on the most. Here's the highlights from tonights debate.

Clinton is asked about losing Michigan to Sanders (Sanders won 49.8 percent to Clinton’s 48. 3 percent). Clinton noted it was a “close race” and adds, “I was pleased I got 100,000 more votes last night than my opponent—and more delegates." Sanders called his Michigan win one of the,  “biggest upsets in modern political history." 

Asked about the ongoing investigation of the email debacle in which the Secretary of State used a private email account, as opposed to a government email account, on a private server to handle government business. The concern is whether she knowingly put classified information at risk. Clinton said she’s not worried and was asked if she would drop out of the race were she indicted. 

The candidates are asked bluntly is Donald Trump is a racist. Neither of the candidates gave the only acceptable answer: Yes. Sanders said, "I think the American people are never going to elect a president who insults Mexicans, who insults Muslims, who insults women.” (Except 60 percent of southern GOP voters support Trump’s Muslim ban.) Clinton says Trump is promoting “un-American” values and that voters can make up their own minds about him.

Immigration comes up and Sanders calls out Clinton for wanting to deport immigrants in 2014, which she justified saying she was worried about the dangers of crossing the border. Asked if she can promise she won’t deport children who are already in the U.S. Clinton says she will not and that she won’t deport their family members either. Sanders also says he will not deport children: “Secretary Clinton did not support those children coming into this country. I did...I will not deport children.”

Clinton parodies Trump talking about his “beautiful, tall wall” which she calls  a “fantasy."

Sanders asks Clinton to release transcripts of her paid speeches for Goldman Sachs.

The crowd booed loudly when Clinton was asked about Benghazi.

And here's one of tonight's fiery exchanges.