A man in Kuwait was feeling some type of way when he knocked out a police officer. Like the woman who kicked a police officer in the balls at the DMV a.k.a. hell on Earth or the man who crashed his girlfriend's car before setting her house on fire and celebrating with a  dance on the roof of her house, this man in Kuwait's story ends in arrest.  

The wild tale—caught on video—comes from the dudes over at Bro Bible. The video starts off normal enough with a man walking in the middle of a road in bumper-to-bumper traffic, but with his pants sliding down to his knees. Quickly things take a turn for the reckless when the allegedly drunk man, now wearing his pants upright, climbs onto a car that tries to reverse when the driver sees what he’s about to do. He starts dancing, the car visibly shaking beneath him. Mind you the man has done all this even with a police patrol car parked right next to the car. In an attempt to get the man off the car the driver starts driving, but this guy isn't going anywhere. 

The seemingly happy drunk eventually comes down from the car and that's when a  police officer steps out of the patrol car. It's presumed the officer said something to the drunk man because he is then seen shaking his butt at the officer before roundhouse kicking him. Even with the officer clearly unconscious the man takes a fighting stance and continues to kick him while he's on the ground. Some civilians try to be heroes and surround the drunken man trying to get him to stop. His beer muscle kicks in some more and the video ends with him chasing one of the civilians.

According to the Metro, a photo of the man in handcuffs appeared perhaps meaning he was arrested. By the way, this all happened in broad daylight meaning. Well, as the saying goes: "It's 5 o'clock somewhere."