25. Volkswagen

Year Company Founded: 1937

Year Logo Introduced: 1938

Logo Designer: Franz Xaver Reimspiess (1938), Meta Design (2007)

Company Founder: German Labour Front

The logo for Volkswagen was the result of a Porsche office competition to see who could come up with a good one, and the winner and designer was Franz Reimspiess, who perfected the engine for the Beetle in the 1930s. The initial black and white logo strategically contained the VW for Volkswagen, as well as the swastika, in accordance with Hitler's regime. The second logo was also black and white yet didn't contain the swastika and looked more like a wheel than a fan or radar. Post-WWII, the British took over the car company and renamed it the Beetle, and naturally, the logo changed as well. They kept the VW but got rid of the design of the circle, which was inspired by the Nazi flag. No other car company wanted to take over the Volkswagen factory, so the company was returned to the German government. The most recent logo is embossed in blue and grey contrasting the black and white logos of the company's past.

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