16. MTV

Year Company Founded: 1981

Year Logo Introduced: 1981

Logo Designer: Manhattan Design (Frank Olinsky, Patty Rogoff) (1981, 1981-2009), Popkern (2009)

Company Founders: Robert Warren Pittman, Warner Communications

First designed in 1981 by Manhattan Design, the MTV logo was the collaborative effort of Frank Olinsky and Patty Rogoff, overseen by original creative director, Fred Seibert. From the very beginning, the MTV logo has been constantly changing in color, patterns, and images, that filled the block "M" on which "tv" is scrolled. During the 1990s and 2000s, MTV opted for a simpler white logo, while maintaining the original design of a bold "M" and scrolled "tv." A 2009 rebranding overseen by Popkern reintroduced the idea of filling the "M" with various images, with the "tv" becoming a non-disruptive white.

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