30. Kodak

Year Company Founded: 1888

Year Logo Introduced: 1907

Logo Designer: Peter J. Oestrich (1971), Brand Integration Group,Ogily NY (2006)

Company Founder: George Eastman

The Kodak logo introduced in 1907 claims to be the first integration of a company's name and look into a symbol. In 1935, Kodak unveiled a logo which features its now iconic red and yellow color scheme and a logotype of the brand name that went on to be used by the company until an image reinvention in 1987. In 1960, Kodak introduced the Corner Curl design, which was followed by the introduction of the Box K design in 1971. The 1971 design unveiled the now iconic "K" cut out from a rounded red square, with the brand name also cut out in yellow. With only a logotype update in 1987, the 1971 design essentially remained in use until 2006, when the company eliminated the sqaure altogether, leaving a rounded logotype of red on a white background.

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