40. Audi

Year Company Founded: 1909

Year Logo Introduced: 1909

Logo Designer: Lucian Bernhard (1919), Prof. Arno Dresscher (1923), Meta Design (1994, 2009)

Company Founder: August Horch

Audi's first logo was designed in the Art Nouveau style and has remained in use from the company's foundation to 1919, when Lucian Bernhard re-invisioned the logo. Bernhard's modern design went on to define the brand through 2009, when the company again updated the print of its name. The iconic four interlaced rings, which are now symbolic of Audi, did not come into existence until 1932, when Audi merges with DKW, Horch, and Wanderer to cut costs in reaction to the depression. The rings were meant to symbolize the unity of the companies, which also comprised the new Auto Union AG. In 1965, the company was rebranded under the name Audi, following an acquisition by the Volkswagen Group. Even though between 1978 and 1992 the rings were removed from the logo, they were still featured on the front grill of all Audi cars. For its centennial celebration in 2009, Audi redesigned its logotype for the first time in 90 years for a sleeker, more modern image.

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