Aubrey O'Day: Too Hot For TV (2008 Cover Story & Gallery)

Aubrey O'Day: Too Hot For TV (2008 Cover Story & Gallery)Interview by Donnie Kwak; Photography by Miko Lim; Styling by Anoma Ya Whittaker; Click Here For Additional Credits.

That makes sense, but we’re talking about the first time. Do you think a guy could ask to use the back door the first time?
For females in general, sex is so much bigger than the physical feeling. It’s so emotional for us. I’ve known tons of girls who’ve had tons of sex with different people, and it’s the same thing across the board. So in order to let somebody go to that degree of sex, you have to really 100-percent trust them.

You seem to like to talk about sex.
I love porn.

You love watching it?
Totally. I watch YouPorn.

Do you have a favorite star?
Jenna Jameson, obviously.

Is it weird watching your BFF?
I watched her before she was my BFF, I don’t watch her anymore. I was actually masturbating one night to, like, Anal Sex Compilation #3 or whatever, and she was in it and I was like, “Oh no!” I had to turn it off. It was horrible. [Ed.—Jenna famously only lets men in the front door, so we’re guessing Aubrey’s a little confused about the title. Up and Cummers #11, maybe?]


I’m more turned on by watching the girls than the guys.


All this porn talk raises the question: Would you ever be in one?
I wouldn’t. I’d like to keep my sex life personal. I’ve had sex on camera with my boyfriend for fun, though.

Damn, you know those things can leak, right?
I’ve made all of them delete it right after we watched it.

That’s what you think.
No, I’ve watched them delete it. But let me tell you the key to that. If you do a live feed through the TV, you can watch it on the TV while you’re doing it and it never records.

The blogs are gonna go nuts over this discussion.
You know, the first time a lot of really bad stuff was being said, I called Jenna and was like, “I’m so mad.” And even Kim [Kardashian]. And both of them said the same thing: “Honey, you’ll love it because it’s making you a bigger star.” At the end of the day, it’s not hurting me.

You know, we were the first to put Kim on a magazine cover [February/March 2007].
She looked gorgeous.

And she’s still one of the most viewed people on to this day.
Until I come along, honey. I’m about to break her record.


1. Aubrey turned down three Broadway offers before joining Hairspray, which pairs her with boy-band alum Ashley Parker Angel. Somewhere in prison, Lou Pearlman is jealous. [BACK]
2. When Aubrey met much-maligned Making the Band alum Dylan, he told her that she was the female version of him. For her career's sake, we hope not. [BACK]
3. While at UC Irvine, Aubrey did a semester at sea, studying in nearly a dozen countries, including Cuba, where she heard Fidel Castro speak ... for 13 hours ... in Spanish. Don't sleep on her brain. [BACK]
4. Ever the romantic, Aubrey makes her assistant sleep with her because she hates to be alone. She also calls Lupe Fiasco "my future husband." Lu, you might need to kick, push up on that. [BACK]

(HAIR) Cesar Ramirez for (MAKEUP) Lena Koro for Nars at (MANICURE) Toya 'Chi Chi' Carpenter for FIRST IMAGE: Tank by Armani Exchange / Earrings by Lia Sophia / Bracelet by CC Skye. SECOND IMAGE: Lingerie by Si Belle / Tank and Necklace by Ksubi. THIRD, SEVENTH & NINTH IMAGES: Bra by Victoria's Secret / Panties by Intimissimi. FOURTH IMAGE: Bodysuit by Diesel Black Gold. FIFTH IMAGE: Bra by Si Belle / Jewelry by CC Skye. SIXTH, TENTH, ELEVENTH, AND TWELFTH IMAGES: Bodysuit by Intimissimi / Rings by Lia Sophia.

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