Kim Kardashian Saves the World (2009 Cover Story & Gallery)

Kim Kardashian Saves the World (2009 Cover Story & Gallery)Creative Direction by Marc Ecko; Story by Peter Rubin; Photography by Matt Doyle; Click Here For Styling Credits.

Two years after we launched her into the celebrity stratosphere, Kim comes back to Earth to rescue us.

This feature originally appeared in Complex's April/May 2009 issue.

There’s not much more you can say at this point. She’s spoiled. She’s famous for no reason—scratch that, she’s famous for her body. That was all you had in your clip, and none of it knocked her down. That’s because Kim Kardashian, unlike you, doesn’t spend her time talking about the next person. She’s got business, man. Check the resumé: Her show Keeping Up With the Kardashians is in its third season, her boutique is so busy it requires security guards, and she’s done more to give back by age 28 than you will in your entire life (have you met with the U.N. to ask what you can do for Armenia?). Which is why we reunited with her for our Green Issue: Considering that no one seems to have a clue how to fix this mess, we figured one more voluptuous opinion can’t hurt. It’s about to get serious, people.

You’re busier than people would assume. You’re always doing something, so what do you do when you just want to dumb out and not think about the next thing?
I love to make little scrapbooks and little collages and organize. I’m an organization freak, so if I’m at home, it’s that. When I’m traveling, I can’t let all my stuff get out of order. I love to sit around and make cards and collages for my friends of trips we’ve taken. I have a whole bunch of photo albums that aren’t used, and I print out all the pictures and cut them out and do silly stuff.

The easy criticism of reality shows is to say, “Why should I care about this person’s life? Why do people even watch this?” What’s your version of that? What’s on TV that you just can’t understand wanting to watch?
Gosh, I don’t really watch TV. When I do I watch CourtTV, like murder shows and mysteries and stuff.

Do you ever watch Brody’s show [MTV’s Bromance]?
I do watch Brody’s show! I TiVo it.

Did you have any advice for him before it started? He was no stranger to being on TV, obviously, but that Bromance thing was... well, a whole new look.
Yeah, we definitely talked about it. We would just gear him up, him and his friends. Everyone was just getting so excited. I remember we ran into Heidi and Spencer and everyone was like, “Bromance is on tonight!” [That is awesome.—Ed.] Brody probably could give me some advice, being on The Hills—being on more than I think I have—but we just all support each other and know that we have control over our shows and how they’re edited, and we’re all really proud of the stuff that we’ve been filming.

So we’ve got Kanye on the other side of the magazine. You’ve worked with him, haven’t you?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. We did this TV show pilot together not too long ago.

Was that the “Untitled Kanye West HBO Project” that IMDB is so secretive about?
I don’t really know if I’m allowed to talk about it so much.

Fair enough, we’ll let the TV blogs have that one. Have you seen any of the stuff that’s been online recently of him being out and about at the Paris fashion shows?
Yeah, I have seen that. I love the fashion blogs, so I definitely keep up with stuff, and it seems like he’s always on there. He’s the talk of the town!

You’re kind of used to being in that position; is there any truth to the idea that Kanye is the male version of you? Or vice-versa, I guess?
[Laughs.] I kinda do! That’s so funny. I’ve never heard that before.

That’s ’cause I just made it up. We’re brilliant over here.
I like that. He’s the male version of me. We’re twins!

I have so much respect for him and he always takes risks, and from what I’ve seen in Paris, his sense of fashion is very…he’s very high-fashion, and you know I love clothes and fashion, so I can really appreciate it.

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