Weeks after capturing the crown, Miss USA Rima Fakih is still the focus of media attention. This Lebanese chick from Michigan, who was the center of a "scandal" when a photo of her doing the tamest pole dance ever leaked, is still having to explain herself for her lifestyle choices as a Muslim-American. But in a recent interview , she set 'em straight and explained she's "Miss USA, not Miss Religion USA." Damn right! And if she wants to wear a sexy sparkly bikini and a teasing strapless dress, then so be it!

But Fakih isn't the first girl from the Arab world to express herself. These other equally enticing women from Lebanon have been making an impression in their country for years, and we hope we're not being too forward when we say they make us want to put our Beirut down. But we'll let you judge for yourself in our countdown of the 10 hottest Lebanese women.

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