The Ultimate Archive: Sandra Bullock's Hottest Pics

There are a few things sure to happen at Sunday's Academy Awards: One, an E! employee will parade around the red carpet judging people's fashion and being annoying as fuck, and two, Sandra Bullock will win the Oscar for her role in last year's more than slightly questionable smash The Blind Side. What, in a year without a good Holocaust or Young Person With Cancer movie, you think they're not gonna give the trophy to the white lady in the White Lady Saves Black Kid flick? Puhleeze.

That said, we won't lie, we're bullish on Bullock. She's cooled off for a minute, but we can't be mad when she takes home the Best Actress Oscar she so clearly deserved for Speed 2: Cruise Control. We wish SB luck, and before Sunday's festivities we're presenting you with a gift, Sandra's hottest pics. Get to clicking....

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