Worldwide Wednesday: The 50 Hottest American Women

Worldwide Wednesday: The 50 Hottest American Women

Hear ye! Hear ye! This Saturday is Independence Day and although America is turning 233, our breasts are still as perky as ever! Today's Worldwide Wednesday is unlike any other that has come before it because it's about more than just acknowledging beautiful women---it's about capturing the American spirit. It's about things like rejoicing in the freedom to eat greasy fast food until you have to wear Costco sweatpants, or in this case, celebrating the liberty to gawk at scantily-clad women you'll never be able to sleep with.

So, to honor the Fourth of July, we've put together a list of honey dips from all 50 states who not only please the eyes, but also exemplify what it means to be a beautiful woman from the best country in the world. For those of you with short attention spans, you best pop an Adderall 'cause this list is a biggie. As for the rest of you, sit back with a cold sixer from Wisconsin, a bag of something sweet from California, and behold: the hottest women in the United States of America (in alphabetical order, of course)...

ALABAMA: Courtney Cox (Birmingham, AL)
ALL-AMERICAN CRED: We've still got nothing but love for the girl that gave us an excuse to watch Friends. After all, Americans did invent the TV sitcom.

ALASKA: Sarah Palin (Wasilla, AK)
ALL-AMERICAN CRED: What's more American than running for vice-president? If all else fails at least she can fall back on royalty checks.


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