Worldwide Wednesday: The 9 Hottest Icelandic Women

Worldwide Wednesday: The 9 Hottest Icelandic Women

Today marks Iceland's 65th year of independence, and we'd like nothing more than to join in the celebration. According to the U.N., Iceland is the world's most progressive society. The Nordic wonderland has the second longest-living population, significantly more women than men, and it also boasts the only openly gay leader in the world. Translation: Beautiful cougars roam the majestic landscape looking for men who actually dig women.

We put together a steaming-hot list from the place so nice they named it Ice. Presenting the 9 hottest women from Iceland...

bjork1#9. BJÖRK
CLAIMS TO FAME: Björk is a multi-platinum singer/songwriter best known for her unique sound, which, if you're not familiar, sounds like a mash-up of a Broadway show and an ecstasy party. Yeah, she's not conventionally pretty, but we bet the fuck-faces (and sound effects) are something else.


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