Worldwide Wednesday: The 9 Hottest South African Women

Worldwide Wednesday: The 9 Hottest South African Women

Over in South Africa last Saturday, Jacob Zuma was officially appointed as the country's fourth democratically elected president. On the lighter (and more interesting) side of things, the soccer fan's ultimate festival of choice (World Cup) will kick off in South Africa---though it won't officially start until the summer of next year. But we have good news for those who can't wait another summer. FIFA Confederations Cup South Africa will kick off on June 14th!

Now even if you're not a soccer fan or give two shits about a new prez in a foreign country, South Africa has a lot to offer, most importantly a nation full of fine Zulu dimes that run across our wild fantasies! Right? Right?! Man, we were wrong. Despite the fact that 80% of the country's people are black, the majority of the women who are internationally known are white. Damn. (Get to work on that one, President Zuma.) But hot women are hot women no matter what their skin tones are, so behold your eyes and check out the hottest women South Africa has to offer...

Claim to fame: South African/Australian actress and musician who recently made her first television film Spectacular! which premiered on Nickelodeon. Also, her surname sounds like a German dude asking for a blow j.


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